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Pjr micro LTD has a long history in both the communications and computer industries with over 10 years experience. Our engineers have over 20 years experience in the industry. Starting out in the early days of fax, telex and teltext machines trough to working for large computer manufacturers and a large Business ISP. We have been supplying the needs of businesses large and small across the North West of England for years. We can offer a total solution from the early planning and advise stage to implementation and ongoing support. Computer systems can be a companies biggest and most productive asset but can also be their biggest headache when things go wrong. We can work with you to minimise any potential failures and resolve issues quickly to minimise downtime. Contact us by phone or email or by our contact us page for a FREE survey and no obligation visit to see how we can support and enhance your existing IT Systems.

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You can contact us via email at support@pjrmicro.com and we will get back to you to discuss your requirements or via the contact us form at the bottom of the page


You can give us a ring on 01257 752250 but as we are usually out on the road mobile is 07894 997805


We can come to your premises to give you a free no obligation quote for your requirements. If you need to call us for a one off repair then our rates are very reasonable.

Please fill in the form below with your contact details below and we will get back to you


We Provide a full server and network planning service through from initial requirements to supply installation and integration of server systems

Windows - OSX Support

We Provide a full OSX and Windows Installation and problem resolution service

Domain Registration and Hosting

Domain Registration There are a plethora of companies who will register a domain name for you at variable costs ranging from a few pounds to several hundred. While cost is not always comparative to service there is a vast difference in the quality of service offered by these companies. There are a number of questions to ask before choosing a company to supply your domain name. Remember ‘extra services’ such as more email addresses, more web space, databases, frontpage support etc. can add considerable cost to the initial ‘bargain price’ What is their average uptime? A web site is of little use if it doesn’t work when your customers try to find it. We use a web host with an uptime of a least 99.9% over the past 12 months. How much web space do they supply? We have packages ranging from 100mb to 1500mb or even more to suit your requirements. How many individual email accounts do they supply? Apart from our starter package which supplies 1 email address all our packages have unlimited email addresses. Do you need to run a message board or eccomerce? Then you will need at least 1 database. We can offer between 2 and 15 my sql or sql databases included in the price. Do they supply frontpage extensions and what version? Our web host has frontpage 2002 extensions on all but the starter package Do they offer pre-installed scripts or can you install your own scripts? A contact form is virtually impossible without a formmail script. All our hosting packages offer default scripts or you can install your own. Do they have a low bandwidth limit? All our hosting packages have virtually unlimited bandwidth. (excludes very high bandwidth sites. If you require a very high bandwidth we can recommend an alternative host) Do they offer antispam for your email? All our packages come with antispam protection. Do they put adverts on your web site? Our webhost does not place any adverts of any kind on your website. Do they charge you to transfer the domain name to another host if your requirements change? Our web host offers free transfer at any point if required Other considerations are what domain name do you choose?Is it relevant to your business?Do you need additional domain names to target traffic to your main web site?Where is the web site hosted?What content do you want on your site?Do you need ecommerce?Will search engines look at your web site? We offer search engineering services to try and get your web site as high in the search engines as possible but a lot of this also depends on the web host. Web sites hosted with certain companies will not rate highly in the search engines. For full details of our hosting packages please contact us via the contact us page.